Winners Modern Work Award 2023


Modern Work Explorer

Companies, where first modern work initiatives are embraced and tried out.

Klinikum Aschaffenburg

With the initiative “My Hospital Ward” the Clinic Aschaffenburg is for sure redefining and changing healthcare: With self-managing teams they are creating and prioritising patient-centred care and staff-wellbeing. They know how important it is to look after their employees, who in turn look after the patients. This is a cycle that is given far too little consideration in this sector. That is why the initiative shows a groundbreaking shift in healthcare and is a true international inspiration.





Wisp is a pioneering force in remote telehealth, that provides comprehensive reproductive and sexual health solutions from home. In this way, they not only give a broad mass of people access to new information on this important topic, but also create a safe space for a productive debate. And they not only care about the health of others, but also of their employees, which is why they have introduced "Flexible Fridays" where there are no obligations in and from the company.




Classic Brothers Mountain initiative

Classic Brothers Mountain Initiative (CBMI) is an inspiring force in Uganda's creative landscape, driving modern work practices. By nurturing a diverse and inclusive workspace and fostering an entrepreneurial growth mindset. How do they do it? Establishing a culture of regular feedback and recognition, helping employees grow in their roles and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Such a great catalyst for innovation and positive change.





zetVisions has undertaken an inspiring transformation from a hierarchical structure to a sociocratic and role-based model. This pioneering change aims to install self-organization across the company, now evident in four successful pilot teams. Facilitating collaborative decision-making, zetVisions hosts communities for discussions about strategy, innovation, and market approaches, envisioning broader company-wide shifts toward self-organization.




Modern Work Performer

Companies, where modern work initiatives are already embodied within the company



Konsileo is an insurance broker that champions modern work principles and transforms the traditional insurance landscape. Their approach fosters not only human-centric practices like self-management and peer learning but focuses on a supportive company culture. How do they support? They have now 22 coaches and 100 coachees - and with that over 2200 relationships linking people together to share work expertise and experiences. What a leading contender for the Modern Work Award!


United Kingdom


Win & Winnow Language Services

Win & Winnow is a women owned multilingual translation and localization provider, showcasing an unparalleled dedication to their craft. Their initiatives reflect a visionary approach, setting the bar high for embracing modern work practices like a commitment to purpose. As a BCorp Innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity is not only commendable but a pathway to success. Their comprehensive, sustainable practices set a benchmark for the future of work.




Ten23 health

Ten23 health strives to create a holistic and forward-thinking work environment by putting patients, people & planet at the center of their decisions and actions. Since they do not believe in hierarchy or titles, they developed a role-based set up and changed all titles in the contracts to “Fellow”. This initiative embodies the essence of modern work by encouraging a growth mindset and prioritizing people based on the book “The Loop Approach”





Continuum has consistently challenged traditional work structures, fostering a culture of innovation and understanding. The company especially stands for total transparency. For years now, all members have had access to relevant company information, numbers, income, costs and even the personal salaries of each member. This approach has even demonstrably ensured the company's survival during the pandemic. 




Modern Work Shaper

Companies, where modern work initiatives are an integral core.



Specno, a trailblazer in fostering a holistic approach to employee well-being, ensures a balance between work and life. Their vision is to help 1 million entrepreneurs and businesses build tech-enabled products. Their emphasis is on mental health support by giving the employees access to registered counselors. Specno is also high value driven and they regularly question them, e.g. they have again brought values like “extreme ownership” and “courageously ambitious” to the fore.


South Africa


Grupo Gaia

Born from traditional finance but redefining the game to strive for a better working world especially in the finance sector: Grupo Gaia's 11 bold values inspire transformation, shifting their entire focus to finance businesses with social and environmental impact. They also create a ritual called "COMMUNICATE”. It is a feedback meeting where individuals can freely express their thoughts and receive non-violent communication feedback from coworkers.




Latro Kimya

At Latro Kimya, innovation sparks from a non-hierarchical, people-centric management system that replaces tradition with autonomy. They champion radical transparency where all data is visible to every member, and decisions are made collectively based on transparent data and shared wisdom. They also have a highly purpose-driven approach by creating new possibilities with unique chemical solutions.



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