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Modern Work Award 2023

Application Process is over!

There are just a few things you need to consider before applying for the Modern Work Award 2023. Please also read the conditions of participation. You cannot edit your content after sending the application. We try to keep the award free of award fees also in the future!

Process has closed on the evening of September 15th.

→ Get ready to inspire the working world đŸ„Â 

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Application tips

What you will need for your perfect application in 2023:


Three award categories in 2023


Modern Work Explorer

This category is for companies, where first modern work initiatives are implemented and purpose-driven approaches become integrated. Explorer companies started changing how they work together for the better and where people driven initiatives get successfully supported. Modern Work Principles are getting reached step by step. 


Modern Work Performer

This category is for companies where modern work initiatives are already an integral part of how people work together. Successful approaches have changed fundamentally how people work with each other and purpose-driven aspects are embodied throughout the company. Modern Work Principles are in line with the work culture. 


Modern Work Shaper

This category is for companies where modern work initiatives are already an integral core of the company. New initiatives, methods, formats and processes are shaped in order change the way you work beyond the company. Modern Work Shaper inspire and help other companies to change for the better. Modern Work Principles are proactively embraced.

your winners certificate

If you will win, you will get the MWA23 winners certificate – a must-have batch for your website in order to show your inspirational work to potential customers and embrace your overall talent attraction.

We wish you the best of luck and are looking forward to learn more about your Modern Work approaches in your application! Please also check our Modern Work Principles and how your work approaches align. 

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