Award 2022


Modern Work Award 2022

We are looking forward to the Modern Work Award in 2022 and another round of inspiring applications from around the world! Planning starts after the summer break, application process will open beginning of 2022. You want to get active before? Contact us and become part of the Modern Work Award!


Award Partner & Sponsoring for 2022

Shaping together the recognition of modern ways of working worldwide

Join our Award Team 2022!

You want to embrace modern ways of working worldwide while working with us as a team? We would love to get a message from you  - we still need additional expertise and helping hands when it comes various roles! Please connect with us and let's see, how you can become part of the award team. A few examples of skills you could bring to us:

  • Marketing
  • Sponsoring
  • Design & Graphics
  • Communication & Support
  • Coordination & Planning
  • Networking & Promoting
  • Event Organization
  • Support

Application process

The application process will till beginning of April 2022. Follow us on our social media channels to not miss any updates!



MOWOMIND is a German based modern work consultancy with experience in 35+ countries. MOWOMIND stands for 'modern work mind' and focusses on purpose-driven work approaches and in-house knowledge exchange.

An event full of international inspiration

We hope to see you this year for the Modern Work Award 2022! If you missed the last award show you can watch it -