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Modern Work Award.

The Modern Work Award opens up new opportunities to showcase your work and your company's achievements towards modern ways of working. The award focuses on how you work and collaborate with each other within your company. 

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The Modern Work Award Show 2022

The online award ceremony will toke place June 23rd in a digital live-event. Here you'll find the recorded live-show.


Three award categories in 2022


Modern Work Explorer

This category is for companies, where first modern work initiatives are implemented and purpose-driven approaches become integrated. Explorer companies started changing how they work together for the better and where people driven initiatives get successfully supported. Modern Work Principles are getting reached step by step. 


Modern Work Performer

This category is for companies where modern work initiatives are already an integral part of how people work together. Successful approaches have changed fundamentally how people work with each other and purpose-driven aspects are embodied throughout the company. Modern Work Principles are in line with the work culture. 


Modern Work Shaper

This category is for companies where modern work initiatives are already an integral core of the company. New initiatives, methods, formats and processes are shaped in order change the way you work beyond the company. Modern Work Shaper inspire and help other companies to change for the better. Modern Work Principles are proactively embraced.

About the Modern Work Award

At the Modern Work Award, great initiatives are made visible to sharpen the future of work through connecting like-minded people all around the world.

Our international jury aims to find the most inspiring initiatives and honor their efforts about modern ways of working world-wide.

The Modern Work Award is a reward for companies and teams for their great initiatives and how they work together to make work a better place.

behind the award

Modern Work Award Team

Get to know our award team, the people behind your international chance to win with your initiative. You still want to join? It is never too late!


Modern Work Principles

The foundation of how the jury votes the applications are the Modern Work Principles. With this we take care, that applicants align with our ethical standards and purpose-driven mindset.

Throwback: Modern Work Award 2021

Watch the ceremony

On May 6th we awarded all winners of the first ever international Modern Work Award 2021. Feel free to watch and share the link also with others.

Review the winners 2021

Take a closer look at the winners of the Modern Work Award 2021 in all three categories. We are proud to say, that the award was a true diverse award.

An event full of international inspiration

We hope to see you next year for the Modern Work Award 2022! If you missed the last award show you can watch it -