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Our international award jury 2024

Check out our global experts of the Modern Work Award 2024 jury. We have forward-thinkers from around the world who are thrilled to award the most promising applications on the future of work and modern work!

Nadia - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 2

Nadia Vatalidis

Nadia from South Africa loves collaborating on designing candidate & employee experience pathways in remote-first companies and creating a self-enabled culture to ensure everyone is set up for success. She is currently Interim Director of Talent Acquisition at Camunda, and aims to have an impact on the future of Process Orchestration and how this impacts people, systems and tools, in the world of work. Previously VP of People at Remote.com and People Operations, People Experience, People Engineering and International Expansion at GitLab and supported in scaling the company from 75 to 1300 employees.
Akpene - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Akpene Diata Hoggar

Akpene from Ghana is known by her work regarding purpose-driven programs for young people and business. The former miss universe Ghana is devoting her skills through as a speaker, entrepreneur and consultant in order to bring more awareness to peoples potential. In Africa's superhub Kigali she is enabling transformation through IT, entrepreneurship & creative problem-solving strategies. For Akpene, it is always about creating the biggest impact possible.
Michael Konow - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 3

Michael Konow

Michael is CEO of Fulda Chamber of Industry and Commerce. For over four years, he has been introducing new ways of working in the formerly hierarchical institution and strengthening his team in the process. In 2022, he and his team won the New Work Award in the "Pioneers in Public Institutions" category in Hamburg as well as the second place in the Modern Work Award Explorer Category. As a former development aid worker in Niger and head of projects in Ghana and Liberia, Michael also has extensive experience in international cooperation.
Cassiana - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Cassiana Buosi

Cassiana from Australia is the Lifelong Workers founder, Regenerative Futures Consultant and Educator, Foresight Practitioner and Transition Designer. She has researched and created Futures of Work and Life since 2012, on which the way we live and work is a more life-driven system, and the salutogenesis comes first. Originally from Brazil, Cassiana is now located in Australia in order to bring purpose-driven work approaches into Ozeania. She worked for almost 20 years in the automotive industry and in the last 5 years she decided to follow her heart and start her own businesses: Creating communities that intend to help the society to envision futures and to decide which path they want to take.
EdwinDando - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 3

Edwin Dando

Edwin from New Zealand is an experienced business leader who has championed new ways of working for over 22 years. He has run businesses through periods of major disruption: the Christchurch Earthquake, the Global Financial Crisis and more recently the COVID pandemic. In each case, he has used disruption as an opportunity to thrive. He has a deep understanding of what organisations need to do to modernise and thrive in the age of continual disruption. He is 8th person in the world to join Scrum.org back in 2011 and has pioneered agile in his home country of New Zealand.
Lula - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 3

Lula Rodriguez

Lula from Brazil is passionate about technology, education, and management. He is a speaker and volunteer at major events on management, technology, afrobrazilianculture, and agile methods. - Solid career as a software developer and manager. Former CTO and Head of Pedagogy at 42 São Paulo, part of the 42 Network, recognized as one of the world's 10 most innovative universities. - Consultant and educator spreading best practices globally. Leads pedagogical and technological initiatives in a social impact organization. Fosters Agilidade Preta, supporting Black agilists and promoting racial equity.
Eugene - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 3

Eugene Mischenko

Eugene Mischenko, Founder and President of the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Association (ECDMA), is a recognized leader in digital transformation with over 20 years of management experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. His impressive career includes leading successful teams and developing professionals at renowned companies such as METRO, Sanofi, and L'Occitane en Provence. With a deep understanding of business transformation and a passion for e-commerce, Eugene has spearheaded numerous initiatives to help businesses thrive in the digital age. As a thought leader in the field, He is committed to fostering innovation and promoting responsible practices that benefit both businesses and society.
Jule Jankowski - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Jule Jankowski

Jule is the host of the podcast GOOD WORK, one of the most successful management podcasts in Germany with over 200 episodes and author of the book "Zwischen Alt und Neu liegt Gut". Additionally, she is the initiator of the GOOD WORK Salon, a platform for exchanging ideas on sustainable work models. As a successful consultant for organizational development, Jule discusses and works on topics such as work culture, collaboration, and leadership. The GOOD WORK Salon brings together thought leaders and practitioners to discuss innovative approaches for the workplace of tomorrow.
Stella Triebl- Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Sandra-Stella Triebl

Stella is a Serial entrepreneur, board member, start-up coach, publisher and editor-in-chief. Her three keywords are Honest, Trust and Transparency. She has been known as the ‘Queen of Networking’ for years and is rightly considered one of the best networked women in Switzerland. She has a quarterly print magazine (Ladies drive Magazine), which has become one of the strongest business titles in Switzerland in terms of circulation. Stella loves her herb garden, nature and books.

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