Modern Work Principles

Our winners will be chosen based on these principles for modern ways of working

Modern Work Definition

Modern Work stands for modern ways of working and contains purpose-driven, value-based and people-focused aspects. Modern Work is guiding us as a work attempt which is based on well working and up-to-date approaches. Thus Modern Work stands for all the good practices that bring value and contribute to the development of a better working environment.

We should be able to choose why we do what we do.
We should be able to decide in which direction we want to develop.
We should embrace work so that it can strengthen us.

What we strive for

Modern Work Principles

Purpose-driven enabling

When people find purpose in their work, work becomes meaningful. Modern Work endorses purpose-driven initiatives and becomes an enabling factor for them.

Foster growth mindset

In times of constant change, we must regularly adapt and develop new ideas. Modern work enables us to explore and follow our path through uncertainty.

People first approaches

In deciding whether a decision is good for the people or for power, one should be guided by the decision close to the people. Modern work stands for people-oriented approaches.

Skill based initiatives

If someone is good at something, give them the space they need to excel. Modern work supports skills-oriented initiatives to help people to embrace what they are good at.

Value driven effort

Values are the foundation of our actions. Modern Work stands for value driven approaches while accepting everybody for who they are - everybody is special, let’s treat one another accordingly.

Learning and sharing culture

Learning from and with each other means supporting each other through sharing. Modern Work fosters a learning and sharing culture and embodies knowledge as the driver for success.

Sustainability approaches

With limited resources we have to decide how sustainable we want to be. Modern work stands for social and sustainable solutions in relation to each other and our planet as opposed to quick profits and cheap quality.

Embrace self-leadership & responsibility

More freedom in our actions means more personal responsibility for ourselves and others. Modern Work encourages a high level of self-leadership and responsibilities while getting all the support needed by the work context.

As transparent as possible

The more we share within the company, the better we can assess our own actions and focus on them. Modern work promotes transparency as a catalyst for better and faster decisions and openness.

Impact oriented

Work needs to bring added value in order to bring impact. Modern Work strives for a well balanced approach, where work pays off - without exploitation of people and the planet.

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