Awards 2024


Modern Work Award 2024

Get ready for international inspiration on the future of work. Share what you learned and help others shape their organization!

You can't wait? Watch the award show 2023 here.

Application process is open till September 2024.

The Award show is on Oct. 29th. Join the event.


Our international jury

We have an inspiring jury that will judge over the inspiring applications in 2024. Check them out now.


Press folder

You want to write about the Modern Work Award or the award show? Here you will find the material needed for it!

You can join our Award Team 2024!

You want to embrace modern ways of working worldwide while working with us as a team? We would love to get a message from you  - we still need additional expertise and helping hands when it comes various roles! Please connect with us and let's see, how you can become part of the award team. You do social media or digital marketing? Join us asap 🫶🏼



MOWOMIND is a German based modern work consultancy with experience in 55+ countries. MOWOMIND stands for 'modern work mind' and brings the best modern work and future of work know-how into thriving companies. MOWOMIND focusses on purpose-driven work approaches and in-house knowledge exchange in order to shape together the future of work. You need help with your organizational transformation? They are your place to go!