Jury 2022

Our international award jury 2022

Take a look at the inspiring people who will judge over the participating initiatives at the Modern Work Award 2022. We have forward-thinkers from around the world who are thrilled to award the most promising applications! The information who will be in our highly respected jury gets updated regularly. Stay tuned!

Stephen Bungay

Stephen Bungay

Stephen is known for his brilliant mind when it comes to strategy implementation in work contexts. The former Vice President of the Boston Consulting Group is an author of the evergreen “The Art of Action” and has developed deep knowledge for agile strategies.
lara yumi

Lara Yumi Tsuji Bezerra

Lara is the Chief Purpose Officer at WorkCoherence and is focussing on the infinite potential of our individual and shared purpose. She was the managing director at Roche, executive president at Bayer and has always focused on purpose-driven initiatives through her work.

Suzan Nguyen

Suzan Nguyen is a TedX Speaker, Happiness coach, President & Founder of Be Better Group, author of ‘One Arm but not Unarmed’ and recently crowned Mrs. “Universal Empire Queen”. She passionately supports and empowers others in growing from bitter to better.
Alicia Medina_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022

Alicia Medina

Alicia is CEO of HEP-Online and the co-founder of Future of Organizing. She is a passionate researcher, author and consultant that guides companies towards self-organizing and Teal. Alicia considers herself a “boundary Spanner”.
Steven HK Ma - Jury Modern Work Award 2022

Steven HK Ma

Steven is the Chief Purpose Officer and the Co-founder of No Moss. His life purpose is to make work more human. He does this by re-imagining ways in which both consulting and non-profits can be more purpose-driven, more ethical, and ultimately more human.
Joao Marcelo Correa_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022

Joao Marcelo Corrêa

João Marcelo is the founder of two startups, in Brazil and Portugal, with over 26 years of experience in innovative projects and coordinating high-performance teams. His thinking is that all positive innovation starts with a change for the better in the way we live with people.
Wencke Ester-Lorber_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022 Kopie

Wencke Ester- Lorber

Wencke is the Commercial Director within Great Place To Work. She believes in sharing and inspiring each other's story and acts as a bridge builder and networker in order to spread the Great Place To Work philosophy. She is convinced that creating psychological safety in the workplace is one of the most important tasks of an employer.
Michaella Rugwizangoga_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022 Kopie

Michaella Rugwizangoga

Michaella is working as the Technology Partnerships Lead at the Tony Blair institute for global change. She is a member of the Global Future Council at the World Economic Forum. The former CEO of VW Mobility Solutions Rwanda , she was the youngest CEO within the group globally and first black woman.
Eunyun Park_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022 Kopie

Eunyun Park

Eunyun is a speaker, consultant, author, and researcher working to realize “Tomorrow’s organization & leaders, today”. The former Head of Data & Analytics for Bersin by Deloitte and Chief Consultant for LG group focuses on creating innovation by building flexible and inclusive networks.
Vivian Acquah_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022

Vivian Acquah

Vivian is an inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate. She advises managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and supports building sustainable employability in a holistic way. She provides people with the right tools, at the right time, to embrace inclusive changes. Vivian inspires to take action.
Heidi Gutekunst_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022

Heidi Gutekunst

Heidi is an experienced leader who is transforming teams and organizations. Her main work is to support systemic organisational transformation and guide organisations in this journey. She is on two advisory boards and has also founded Amara Collaboration. Heidi is also an author and advisor.
Brooke Ozlem Erol_jury_member_the_modern_work_award_2022 Kopie

Brooke Ozlem Erol

Brooke works as an advisor, speaker, executive coach and is an amazon bestselling author. She is the founder of several endeavors like Purposeful Business or Vibrancy, all enabling organizations to unleash the potential of their people. Her purpose in life is to create a world where people love their work.
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