Team 2021

Modern Work Award Team 2021

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Anna Schnell

Anna is a passionate international expert für modern work and new work. As the managing director of MOWOMIND she has work experience in 35+ countries and is a shaper of new ways of working. She loves to support companies and individuals through coaching, consulting and team training. She is an author, Keynote Speaker and promoter of slow fashion.

Nils Schnell

Nils is driven by innovative ideas how to change the way we work. As the managing director of MOWOMIND he has experience in 35+ countries and worked with clients around the world through coaching, consulting and team training. Nils is an author of two books, keynote speaker and loves being in pure nature. This is his second year with the award and can't wait so it grow.

Lisa Grögor

Lisa is full of energy when it comes to international work. She is a content marketing specialist and the founder of sheismanythings, an initiative to inspire and empower and bringing confidence to others.

Nadja Obenaus

Networking & Enabling
Nadja is supporting the Modern Work Award through her networking skills and brings you options on board. She works as a systematic transformation consultant and her d-coaching approach.

Dunja Unger

Press & Organization
Dunja is supporting the Modern Work Award through her skills of information placement and organization. With her help we can better juggle all challenges at the same time.

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