Jury 2023

Our international award jury 2023

Take a look at the inspiring people who will judge over the participating initiatives at the Modern Work Award 2023. We will have forward-thinkers from around the world who are thrilled to award the most promising applications!

Felipe - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie

Felipe Machado Pinheiro

Felipe is Consultancy Director at Gudcompany and is focused on pushing sustainability into the organization's core business. The Sociologist and Economist is driven by new sustainable business ideas. He is convinced that organizations that integrate a sustainable business approach are key players for building a better society.
Akpene - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Akpene Diata Hoggar

Akpene is known by her work regarding purpose-driven programs for young people and business. The former miss universe Ghana is devoting her publicity to help others become more aware of their potential. In Africa's superhub Kigali she is enabling transformation through IT, entrepreneurship & creative problem-solving strategies.
Vera Babat - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2023

Vera Babat

Bringing together psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, nature advocacy and teaching fascinates me. And that is what I do also as Chief Culture Officer of Abstracta. I believe in sharing inspiring stories, experiences and ideas. It works! This is probably why collaborating with others to help them fulfill their potential, while connecting, sounds like hell of a plan!
Cassiana - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2024

Cassiana Buosi

Cassiana is the Lifelong Workers founder, Regenerative Futures Consultant and Educator, Foresight Practitioner and Transition Designer. She has researched and created Futures of Work and Life since 2012, on which the way we live and work is a more life-driven system, and the salutogenesis comes first. Originally from Brazil, Cassiana is located in Australia.
Steven HK Ma - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie

Steven HK Ma

Steven is the Chief Purpose Officer and the Co-founder of No Moss. His life purpose is to make work more human in the working-world. He does this by re-imagining ways in which both consulting and non-profits can be more purpose-driven, more ethical, and ultimately more human. Steven holds the record of the first person ever judging all three awards in a row!
Dr. Biswaraj Ghosh - Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 2

Dr. Biswaraj Ghosh

Dr Biswaraj Ghosh is an award-winning Sustainability/ESG Strategy Consultant, working on sustainable solutions with over ten years of experience. He held several roles at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, UK, including that of a Researcher, Co-author, PhD Scholar, and Lecturer.
Luna Hara- Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie 2

Lunia Hara

"Leaders who lead empathically are the leaders of tomorrow." - that's what Lunia Hara stands for. As an expert for empathic leadership and a source of inspiration for the topics of modern leadership, values and cultural change, she is exactly the right person when it comes to modern work worldwide.
Carsten Schermuly - jury member modern work award 2023

Carsten Schermuly

Carsten is Professor of Business Psychology and Vice President at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. As the Director of the Institute for New Work and Coaching, his motto is "empowered by research" and making him a leading figure in Modern Work. He is a passionate author of many books and shares his knowledge in inspiring keynotes.
Eunyun- Jury Member for the Modern Work Award 2022 Kopie

Eunyun Park

"Everybody wins together." is Eunyuns mantra. She is a seasoned global HR leader and organizational development and analytics expert. Versatile researcher with 20+ years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research in leadership, organizational effectiveness, and culture. Eunyun is an angel investor and strategic advisor for startups.