Team 2022

Modern Work Award Team 2022

Anna Schnell

Anna Schnell

Anna is a passionate international expert für modern work and new work. As the managing director of MOWOMIND she has work experience in 35+ countries and is a shaper of new ways of working. She loves to support companies and individuals through coaching, consulting and team training. She is an author, Keynote Speaker and promoter of slow fashion.
Antonia Anderland

Antonia Anderland

Antonia is passionate about humanizing the way we work. She drives topics like 'New Work', 'burnout and conflict prevention' through her work as a freelance consultant. Additionally she shares her experience as a lecturer in different universities and is a member of the economic council of a German university.

Nadine Schneider

Nadine embodies a deep understanding of international business operations and has successfully worked in various contexts. She is our Partner Strategy & Development specialist for the award and supports with her enthusiasm the awards growth. Nadines focus in her work is embracing peoples potential beyond limitations. She is also a certified yoga instructor and loves nature, vegan food and festivals.
Nils Schnell

Nils Schnell

Nils is driven by innovative ideas how to change the way we work. As the managing director of MOWOMIND he has experience in 35+ countries and worked with clients around the world through coaching, consulting and team training. Nils is an author of two books, keynote speaker and loves being in pure nature. This is his second year with the award and can't wait so it grow.

Patricia Oleksiak

Social Media Rocket
Patricia is driven by new trends and possibilities around social media and search engines. As an industrial engineer and social media consultant she brings a boost for companies' social media appearance and growth. Her passion is the connection between tech and business in order to help her clients gain reach and bring them their well deserved appearance.

Virginia Thrun

Virginia is full of energy when it comes to international work and seeking great opportunities. She is our Partner Strategy & Development specialist for the award and the founder of her company "New Work People". Virginia is facilitating companies on their way to New Work. In the busyness of life, she finds balance in doing breath-work, meditation & yoga.

Samuel Seidelmann

Team Support
Samuel is our helping hand when it comes to making the award a success. He supports us with the help we need. Currently he is doing his internship at MOWOMIND in connection with his studies in educational and cultural management. Samuel loves learning new languages and diving into various cultures.

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